SYSTEM VX BUCKLE UP Discover the customizable tactical setup power

The system Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up It is a versatile transport solution. It allows you to easily adapt your equipment to any situation. The velcro attachment system and quick release buckles allow you to easily change the configuration according to your needs. It works for training, work and softr.

Tailor -made for your mission

The system VX Buckle Up System allows you to easily connect the Plate Carrier vx buckle up various pockets, backpacks And chest rig. In this way it is possible to customize the transport for different needs. The VX Buckle Up System improves your equipment. It does it by adding pockets magazines, fixing the hydration backpack and connecting other tools and accessories.

Easy changes in a moment

Thanks to Velcro, buckles and panels with hooks and rings, it is easy to change the VX Buckle Up System while moving. It is possible to easily detach pockets, chest rig or combine a Viper VX Charger Pack To adapt it to the ongoing mission. In this way it is possible to make sure that the equipment is always suitable for the task to be carried out.

Adaptability for each adventure

The Buckle Up VX system adapts to what you do, whether it is exploring, operating in an urban environment or training. Its light and resistant structure guarantees comfort and stability, while its versatility allows you to adapt your load to any situation.

Maximum customization

The Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up System allows you to manage your transport system. Transform your Buckle Up Carrier Gen2 into a precious resource. The VX Buckle Up System is excellent for improving your load and your performance. It offers unique customization options and is easy to modify.



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VX Buckle Up System

Create your tailored tactical setup thanks to the system Viper Tactical VX BUCKLE UP. You can easily assemble together plate carrier, chest rig, backpacks, internal and external pockets, fontine. Discover all the products of the system VX BUCKLE UP by Viper Tactical

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