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Tactical pants, uniforms and military clothing

Military Clothing: Equipped for Action with Style and Functionality

Viper Tactical Europe is your one-stop shop for themilitary clothing high quality, perfect for professionals, sports shooters and enthusiasts of military items.

Discover our wide selection of military uniforms, military jackets, military pants, military uniforms e accessories from the best brands, such as Helikon-Tex, Viper Tactical, Novritsch, Lowa and MAGPUL designed to ensure comfort, durability and performance in every situation.

Explore our range of tactical pants with knee pads, ideal for protecting joints during the most intense actions, and camouflage pants for perfect camouflage in any environment. You will also find tactical pants versatile, suitable for both everyday use and more demanding outdoor activities.

Complete your look with our military jackets, weatherproof and equipped with numerous pockets and compartments to store everything you need. Don't forget the military hats to protect you from the sun and complete your outfit in style.

For the discerning snipers, we offer a selection of Sniper clothing specialized, designed to ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement during long stalking sessions.

Whether you are a softair enthusiast, a sport shooter or simply a lover of military style, in our military items store you will find everything you need to equip yourself to the fullest and meet every challenge with style and functionality.

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Abbigliamento Tattico e per l'uso quotidiano

Abbigliamento Militare: Equipaggiati per l'azione con stile e funzionalità! Scopri la vasta gamma di pantaloni tattici, uniformi, giacche e accessori militari di alta qualità. Marche top come Helikon-Tex, Viper Tactical e altro. Perfetto per softair, tiro sportivo e outdoor.